Inside a hospital room

Children's critical illness insurance


Life can be devastating upon finding out that a child is ill. Having the correct insurance in place can provide the money for expert medical treatment and therefore be vital. At such a difficult time, it can be very reassuring to know that your finances will be maintained, allowing you time off work and without money concerns, while you concentrate on your family.

We are committed to finding absolutely the right cover for each of our clients. Children's Critical illness cover is designed to pay a certain sum, should a child (aged between 30 days and 21 years old) be diagnosed with a condition that is covered by the provider, or an illness, during the term of the policy.

The amount of the sum that can be paid is unique to each policy. Critical illness can be quite complicated to explore as each case is unique regards different medical conditions. We guide many people as to what is available, what the costs are and what the exact cover is that they require and can obtain. We are very transparent and combine our family-minded genuine approach with our ability to search the Whole of the Market. We can find you the correct cover and very often for a lower premium than many other sources, being that we are unbiased independent insurance brokers.