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Family Protection


We all experience birth, death, family, life, finance and want to protect our income, health and estate needs. As fair and family-minded independent personal insurance brokers - we are on your side to help you secure and protect your family's future. If someone in the household looses their job or becomes ill, you will want the right protection in place to ensure you have the money to maintain your family's lifestyle. Thinking about Personal Insurance is important for your peace of mind.

Many people have existing policies which either cost too much, or bear no benefit at all due to the small print - or worse: both! Are you paying the wrong cover, or getting no value? Have you already got an insufficient Personal insurance Cover, or perhaps you are not sure what you need?

Speak to MayFair Consultancy today for a free professional and unbiased review of your situation - whether you have any existing cover or not.



We will find you the right Family Insurance Cover for your unique family. Our advisors will work closely with you to truly understand your family and/or medical needs in the short and long term future. We are family people ourselves and have much experience in protection insurance, mortgage protection, income protection, private medical insurance and more. We look at your whole picture. What savings do you have? Do you have a mortgage or any debts you need to pay? Do you already have any insurance products, and if so what do they cover?

With no charge to you we establish your specifc needs and situational concerns - then consult the Whole of Market on your behalf - to find the most suited and secure insurance protection cover for the best price. Many insurance covers will now also provide you with great high street rewards and benefits, on hotels, gym memberships, coffee, flights and more....

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