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Income Protection


Could you manage the outgoing payments you have if your income stopped? Income Protection Insurance is designed to help both the employed and self-employed from a sudden or unexpected loss of income.

It can pay you a regular monthly benefit, to help towards maintaining your standard of living, should you ever become unable to work - due to illness, injury or disability and even unemployment. It can help to substitute for a loss of earnings you may experience. An Income Protection policy can be either short term and long term; ideal for covering a short term debt repayment period in your life or perhaps a mortgage length.

There are many different types of Income Protection Cover available - both long and short term. We will identify your needs, the potential future risks to your income and the most important outgoings in your life to protect. We then search the Whole of the Market - with no bias or affiliation to any other company or organisation, to find you the fullest cover for a price you are happy with.

A typical policy is limited to between 50% and 60% of your pre-tax monthly income. Other than this limit - you can select the monthly benefit of cover you would like to receive, you should ever need it. There are options with some policies to remain at the same level for the term of your cover, or to increase it each year. Increasing it each year could help to protect your benefit against the effects of inflation.

We are committed to finding absolutely the right cover for each of our clients, so speak to us today.