Cover for the whole of life

There are two main types of Life Insurance, and we offer both, searching the entire market for you. Speak to us today for a free review of your situation:

Whole of Life Insurance - an ongoing cover

Term Life Insurance - a specific time period of cover

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Whole of Life Cover


Whole of Life Insurance differs to Term Life Insurance in that it lasts as long as you do. Upon the death of the whole of life policyholder - a cash lump sum should be paid out to the beneficiaries. With Term Insurance, only a specified term is covered - ie. 20 or 30 years, and once the policy matures, it has no cash value if the policyholder is still living.

Term Insurance


Term insurance is often a more affordable alternative to permanent Life Insurance when looking to maintain your family's income if you pass away. Term insurance is different to permanent life insurance, in that it is for a specified time period - typically of 10, 20 or 30 years.

A term insurance policy will pay out your chosen sum assured, in a lump sum payment, if the holder of the policy dies during the term or is diagnosed with a terminal illness that accords with the definition of the provision.