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Private Medical Insurance

Private Medical Insurance can give you or a member of the family cover for costs incurred by Private Medicine. It is designed to cover your fees towards private medical treatment for curable short-term medical conditions. It should include paying for surgery, specialists, accommodation and nursing at a private hospital or in a private ward of an NHS hospital.

As with many areas of Insurance - they are a wide variety of cover options and policies - and we as Independent Brokers with no bias, can search the Whole of the Market on your behalf. Our advisors will help you select what you want to be covered for and for the best rate applicable. Many people arrive at Mayfair Consultancy Ltd with incorrectly written policies and, upon review, they discover that they did not have the cover they presumed they had. We quickly find a much better alternative which actually covers what they require.

In a crisis, the best private health insurance policies will pay for the cost of treatment for stabilising a patient. In general PMI plans do not cover chronic or critical illness.